Restaurant Ichida

We are in Ichida Japanese Dining

We are Ichida Japanese Dining, the first restaurant of Together Food Industry that is obsessed with the art, freshness and essence of Omakase.

Our ingredients are not only seasonal but are also air-flown and specially imported fresh from the seas of Japan. Our Hokkaido sea urchin, king crab, puffer fish, shirako, trumpet fish and Japanese wagyu are one of our most delicious and palatable.

Our unique dishes are a reflection of our Chef's innovation as he is inspired from traditional Japanese cuisine and puts out dishes that aims to stimulate visual collocation and taste enjoyment. Our chef will create distinct kinds of Japanese dishes according to your preferences. Each delicious meal, from our appetizers, to sashimi, boiled dishes, grilled dishes, skewer, tempura, sushi, soup, and dessert are all carefully thoughtout and prepared by the chef. We seek to impress you with wonderful moments where you experience the essence of fine food art and indulge in it.

We not only take pride in the Omakase services we offer but we also offer exquisite and affordable meals and various yakitori skewers. Our restaurant space is also suitable for private parties where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones, but is also appropriate for other social gatherings. We wim to provide you a delectable dining experience that is exquisite, beautiful, sweet and memorable.

We invite you to drop by Ichida Japanese Dining for a wonderful experience.

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 11am - 230pm; 6pm - 1030pm 

Dining Style: Casual Elegant