Chutney Mary

Eating on the streets is a way life for the people of India. At every street corner, vendors hawk a variety of freshly cooked food to hungry passers-by, ranging from crispy samosas, hot and syrupy gulab jamuns to chilled, refreshing lassis and...chaats

Chaats are lip smacking savoury items, which leave a lingering spicy taste in the mouth. They range diversely from fruit and salads, to potatoes and puffed rice, topped with a blend of chutneys and freshly whipped curds.

Chaats are either served as a starter or eaten as an inexpensive snack between meals. A combination of them are also enough to make a complete meal, and its unique blend of flavours will dance a tango on your taste buds!

Chutney Mary offers an array of chaats from different parts of India. Walk in, and you will find pani puri from Calcutta and pav bhaji from Mumbai to papri chaat from Jaipur and many more.

For the meat lovers, Chutney Mary serves an interesting selection of kebabs, snacks, quick meals, desserts and beverages. At Chutney Mary, we concentrate on delivering the utmost authentic and popular street-style food, which will take you on a journey down the streets of India and give you an in-sight of the country’s culture and passion.

With our contemporary yet fast-food concept, we provide original flavours in the quickest time, at extremely reasonable prices.

So hurry down to Chutney Mary to be swept into the delightful experience of the lifestyle and culture of the people of India…and you will find yourself back for more!

Chutney Mary also caters to private parties and functions, please contact us to find out more.

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun & PH: 10am to 10.30pm