Aroy Mak Mookata

Aroy Mak Mookata restaurant was founded in 2013.

Our SECRET is from Chiang Rai style Mookata marinated pork & chicken sliced meats, non-MSG soup stock and lastly our Authentic tradition homemade Thai chilli sauces. Recipes were handed down from the owner’s family from the hometown of Chiang Rai.. Affordable variety of Ala Carte selection ranges from $1.50 onwards

We serve authentic traditional Thai Cuisine BBQ and steamboat. All the ingredients used are fresh and the meat are marinated very well. We use non-stick coating and smokeless pot so it is very healthy as lesser pork lard are used to oil the pot. Worry not for your meat will not be over cooked. Their pork belly and sliced pork here is a must try! The meat juices and oil flows into the soup making it another plus side to the dish leaving the soup flavorful.

Dine in at Aroy Mak Mookata restaurant if you were looking for a place to enjoy great spicy or BBQ steamboat with your friends and family or you can simply want to have a try for the tastiness of the authentic and traditional Thai BBQ and Steamboat.

Operating Hours:
Daily: 4pm to 11pm