Xiao Mu Deng (小木凳)

Xiao Mu Deng (小木凳) is a steamboat restaurant that carries a rich food culture of Chong Qing, a place that’s filled with traditional wooden stools and painted stories of southwest China in its olden days, Xiao Mu Deng (小木凳) hotpot is definitely a cosy and homely atmosphere to dine in. It provides the best quality meat and other ingredients one can ever ask for in reasonable pricing.

Beyond the quality of food, the mala broth is a popular choice given its blend of different spices which makes it fragrant and flavourful... basically your favourite mala xiangguo but in hotpot style! Hotpot-devotees should totally drop by for some good and authentic Chong Qing Steamboat.

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun: 11AM – 12AM