Talay Kata

"Talay" means Seafood and "Kata" refers to skillsets, the utensils used for Thai Barbecue to bring out the best taste and essence of the ingredients. Leaving aside the culinary semantics, in simple words, Talay Kata offers a new take on traditional Northern Thai Barbecue where seafood (i.e. crayfish, squid, mussels, fish, prawns) now takes the centre stage and Meat, though still available, play more of a complementary role.

Conveniently located at Orchard Central (CBD Area), this 2,600 sq ft restaurant outlet boast of a spacious, comfy layout that could accommodate up to 160 pax and allows you to dine in comfort (other Mookata restaurants have smaller circular dining tables). And yes, Talay Kata is a buffet restaurant - the wide variety of Food options and the quantity is sufficient to feed even the hungriest of athletics. The ingredients, seasonings, the dome shaped grills are all sourced from Thailand.

For those eyeing for a decadent buffet, we also have something catered for you. Choose from our extensive selection of premium food items such as Slipper Lobsters, Japanese Scallop, Crayfish, King Crab, Sea Cucumber and many more! (*subjected to availability)

Rustle up a fulfilling meal with the available fresh ingredients - it already taste Superb, but you can make it even better by putting your searing skills to the test! Complete your dining experience by mixing and matching our range of sweet, spicy, garlicky sauces as per your preference to come up with the ultimate condiment/dip that will best accompany your meal. Dip your food in our specially concocted sauces as you slather the seafood/meat pieces to add that extra touch of distinctive aromatic fragrance and let your taste buds erupt with pleasure as the flavours gushes through you. (Sauces are concocted by our Thai lady Chef, hard to find elsewhere!)

But wait! For those who thought that we will be doing away with the steamboat element, fret not. We understand that the trademark moat holding the soup base is an omnipotent component of the whole Talay Kata experience. We also offer more soup base varieties for our customers to choose from (Salted Egg Soup, Chicken soup, Tom Yum soup and Bonito soup) as opposed to the typical one soup base format adopted by other Moo Kata restaurants. Simply by watching the juices and essence of the Seafood pieces trickling down into the soup should whet your appetite. Be embraced by the senses tantalizing flavours as the stew finally make its way down your throat, a taste that offers progressively more intensity and dimension with time. We bring to you a gastronomical journey that celebrates the best of both worlds!

Our Team believes that we have hit the winning formula. Foodie Hunters welcome to the world of Talay Kata - The irresistible league of Seafood!

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri 
11:30am to 3pm
6pm to 10pm

Sat, Sun, Eve of PH & PH
11:30am to 5pm
6pm to 10pm