Som Tam

Som Tam opened its doors in September 2015 and is situated along the bustling shopping haven of Orchard Road. Enjoy a hearty meal while admiring an exclusive view of the most popular shopping area in town!

Som Tam was founded with the belief of becoming the best Thai fusion cuisine-serving restaurant in Singapore. At Som Tam, we aim to delight our diners with a unique blend of Thai Cuisine, specially modified to suit locals like you!

Why Som Tam? Some of us might know what Som Tam is. The ever so popular Green Papaya Salad that is made up of five main ingredients: Sour lime, hot chilli, salt, fish sauce and palm sugar. In the past, this dish is likened for its strong spicy flavours. Now, it is catered to exude and complement all the distinct taste elements. The word “Fusion" described our dishes as we tailored to enrich our diners' taste buds with a burst of flavors where the East meets the West. Diners can look forward to an alluring gastronomical experience when they feast at Som Tam at any time of the day.

Our dedicated chefs seek to serve both quality interpretations of classic dishes with a modern twist and venture into the untouched areas of Thai food. Conscientious effort is ploughed from food preparation all the way to food presentation ensuring that the food served before you is always at its best. Only the freshest of ingredients, spices and herbs are used to bring out our selection of food offerings that will leave you craving and coming back for more!

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs:
11:30am to 3:00pm
5:30pm to 10:00pm

Fri - Sun:
11:30am to 10:00pm