Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan

Si Wei Mao Cai, since its debut in 2011, has been considered as one of the most authentic Si Chuan Restaurants in town. "Si Wei" recently extended its footprint into the "steamboat" territory --- Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan, located on Mosque street, one shop apart from Si Wei Mao Cai. Differentiating itself from the traditional steamboat style, the new shop offers the most authentic Cheng Du way of eating hotpot, "Chuan Chuan", which refers to "food on stick". With small portion of food on each stick, some marinated, "Chuan Chuan" offers more distinguishing taste than just putting chopped pieces in boiling soup. A better extraction of wonders from the combination of fresh food materials, natural spices, and delicacy of the soup. Various soup bases are available for customers with individual preferences. Soup base includes the most traditional spicy soup for Sichuanese alike spicy lovers, local spicy versions for those who wants to start slowly and less oily, and 3 heartily prepared clear soup bases: Matsutake, Tomato and Pork Bone. With no additives and richly dosed natural ingredients, the hot soup is the best to get yourself warmed up for a wonderful experience. Oh, don't forget to ask for the classic Sesami Oil Bowl to accompany all food, steamboat experience is not complete without it :) There are many other surprises in this little gem, side dishes you probably never tried before, plum wine, wantan in matsutake soup or some Si Chuan brown sugar icy jelly. Get ready for the "Chuan Chuan" experience you have never had before?

Operating Hours:
Daily: 5pm - 4am
Dining Style: Casual
Dress Code: Casual