Ryu's Cafe & Sake Bar

You haven't experienced the true delights of sake if you haven't tried them in different temperatures. Yes! We care about the sake temperature.
We serve sake in various temperatures like Hiya (10〜35℃), Nurukan(around 40℃), and Atsukan(around 50℃). Ask our friendly experts for recommendation of the best sake prepared in their appropriate temperature to match your dishes.
The change in temperature changes the flavorful taste of sake. Sake pairing with your selected cuisine enhances your dining experience at Ryu's.

Fresh fishes are delivered by air 4 times per week directly from Tsukiji fish market, the world’s largest wholesale fish market located in Tokyo, japan.
You will find 3 different types of Japanese soy sauce in our kitchen: Mitsuru, Tatsumi and Yugeta. Soy sauce is carefully selected depending on the menus.
There is nothing to waste with sake rice through the sake making process. Sake kasu are the lees (leftovers) of the sake making process. They are fermented food, well-known in Japan as healthy food. We use Shinkame brewery’s sake kasu at Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake bar.

You can rent our mezzanine area that has a maximum capacity of 25 pax. Tucked in a quiet corner with high ceiling, the second level is suitable for business functions, private parties etc...
Please check with our crew for further details.

Operating Hours:
Closed on Monday
Tuesday to Friday: 11:30am - 10:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Dress Code: Casual
Price: 80