Ji Bao Bao Chicken Hotpot鸡宝宝鸡煲火锅

Dear friends, Ji Bao Bao, Chicken Hot Pot is here! Chicken Hot Pot (Ji Gong Bao) is a special delicacy from Sze Chuan, China. Its not just a Hot Pot… but Hot Pot In Steamboat style!

Ji Bao Bao offer 6 types of Hot Pot in 4 different soup bases. Each is specially concocted by our experienced chef from Sze Chuan. Besides savouring our flavourful pots, there are more than 30 varieties ranging from seafood, vegetables, balls, mushroom, etc, for customers to select from.

We also provide an unique culinary experience with modern & freestyle Pub decor concept.
We are not a pub, but we are a ""Pub"" amongst restaurants.

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am-11.30pm.