Fish & Co. (Tampines 1)

Fish & Co. is a casual, full service, family chain restaurant serving fresh seafood in a pan. Our unique dining experience drew inspiration from the simple practices of the fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea. There, fishermen cooked freshly caught seafood on board their boats and ate the seafood off the pan to ease their hunger pangs out in the sea.

All our seafood are prepared in a simple and straightforward manner to preserve the natural taste of the seafood. We use only the freshest seafood, as well as natural and wholesome ingredients like trans-fat free oil, herbs, olive oil and various spices from around the world to ensure that YOU always get to enjoy great tasting and healthy meals in generous portions.

Together with our rustic chic, nautical ambience, and friendly and knowledgeable crew, YOU know that YOUR dining experience is in great hands! So swim on down to your nearest Fish & Co. restaurant to enjoy this unique dining experience.

Like we always say in Fish & Co., “One bite and you’re hooked!".

Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday:
11:30am to 9:30pm

Friday – Sunday:
11:30am to 5pm
Specialties: Best fish & chips, Danish fish & chips, New York fish & chips, Black pepper chicken pizza, shrimp and clams aglio olio, deep-fried swordfish collar, seafood platter, carribbean cajun broth pot, grilled peri-peri prawns, white fish with ebiko gratin, mussels with GLBS and fried calamari.
Dining Style: Casual
Price: 20
Payment Options: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express