Eight Signature Seafood Restaurant 八鲜过海

At Eight Signatures Seafood Restaurant 八鲜过海, we focus on providing the best selection of food choices to all our customers. We have shortlisted the best 8 dishes in the 8 different food categories to be included in our menu, with each telling their own story. They were all personally created and chosen by the owner. However, this does not mean we don't spice things up. We do change our menu from time to time and keep our customers intrigue and wanting more.

By doing so, we hope to ensure top notch quality for all the dishes in our menu and aim that all our dishes will become our signature dishes that you should try.
Why not bring your family and friends down and give us a try. We are open daily till 4am, and we welcome you to join us anytime.
"At Eight Signatures, our dishes are our signatures."

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 4:00am
Sunday: 12:00pm - 2:00am

Closed: Monday
Dining Style: Casual