District 10 Bar & Grill (Suntec City)

Officially donning its new title of District 10 @ Suntec within Bonta Group and its network of operating partners, the small and neat 1,800 square-foot restaurant comes complete with a European meat showcase and chiller for its dry-aged meat, a bespoke butcher’s block for its cleaver-ready cuts, a fully functional show kitchen for its charcoal-grill cooking and a cozy 30-seater dining space for its gourmet loyalists.

With such raw, high-marbling, quality meat on bone like the 45 days Dry Aged Corn-fed US Prime Traditional Fiorentina (S$22++ per 100 gram), Chef Luca Pezzera (co-owner and executive chef of Bonta Group) recommends the traditional sizzling power of charcoal-grill.

When the fine cut hits the scotching grill with salt, pepper, herbs and extra virgin olive oil, the steak sputters a burningly robust aroma unapologetically while awakening its natural tastes layered with its tenderness and juice even when its crispy skin-crust is crackling to a savory perfection.

Chef Pezzera’s sub-primal selection that is worth its weight in gold includes Pure Black 45 days Home Dry Aged Grass-fed bone-in NY strip and Rib-Eye (both cuts retails at S$18++ per 100 gram) and 45 days Home Dry Aged Corn-fed US prime OP Rib (S$20++ per gram).

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11.30am-11.00pm

Sun: Closed
Dining Style: Casual
Dress Code: Casual

Additional Details
  • Non-smoking Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Wine List
  • Full Bar
  • Large Groups